The Tower
My participation for the Character Design Challenge of July 2017!
Theme of the month : Tarot
”A mysterious Fortune Teller has just arrived in your town. No one knows who she is, nor where she came from, but rumours claims she owns a unique set of Tarot cards: when she shuffles them and then lays a card on the table, the character in it comes to life..”
I designed a personification of the tarot card “The Tower”.
Elements I kept ( or tried to keep ) from the original design:
– The lightning
– The crown
– The collar of the gown and the crown are a reminder of the top of medieval towers
– The two ribbons symbolize the people falling
– The rock at the bottom
– The tallness
I’ve tried quite a few new technique on this one. Found a fun little tutorial to do the lightning, used my new Kyle’s watercolor brush for the sky and the shadows. Also took a bunch of time with the lineart to do a lot of variation with the lines. I’m quite proud of this one and hope to be able to archive again that kind of coloration!
  • Project Type : Digital Illustration
  • Tools : Photoshop CC
  • Project Year : 2017