Upcoming Cons 2017

Upcoming Cons 2017

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All the news related to the upcoming cons for the year 2017.

I will be in table partnership again with Elementis Art. Don’t hesitate to check her page: http://www.elementisart.com/

The list of all the events we wish to register and also those who are confirmed.

  • G-Anime, Friday January 20 to Sunday 22, Gatineau QC                                 ———— FINISHED ————
  • Anime North, Friday May 26 to Sunday 28, Toronto ON                                    ———— FINISHED ————
  • Otakuthon, Friday August 4 to Sunday 6, Montréal QC                                     ———- CONFIRMED ———-
  • Animaracon, Saturday September 15 to Sunday 17, Sherbrooke QC               ———- CONFIRMED ———-
  • Geek Market, Saturday September 30th to Sunday October 1st , Ottawa ON   ———- CONFIRMED ———-
  • KupoCon: Pomtario Sunday December 3rd, Toronto ON                                   ———- CONFIRMED ———-

We are going to have a lot of new products this year! Products Available: prints of multiple sizes, bookmarks, charms, buttons, magnets and more!

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