Ink & Sketch =100 Days challenges= Last Week

Last week of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge!  I’m proud to say : CHALLENGE COMPLETED! What a journey it was, not an easy one, even harder than I expected. As tired as I have for this week ( tired from back to school … Read More

Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 13

Week 13 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge!  Only one week to go! I’m almost nostalgic that this challenge will be over. I say almost because I got reminded that I have to take a little break since Inktober will be here soon!! … Read More

Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 12

Week 12 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge!  All done in a rush between convention work / a lot of appointment/ and at the convention! I’ve realized that I’ve killed 3 ink pen since the beginning of this challenge and more to come because … Read More