Back from a really needed break.

Our minds work in very interesting ways. Athletes are given time to heal when they are injured physically, so artist needs time to put their minds at ease when they find themselves losing grasp of their creative control. I was on a break for two reasons.

To heal from an emotional injury.

One of my clients and also the dearest friend came to me a few weeks ago to talk about products that someone bought that has my art on it. The thing is, it was not me selling it. While trying to understand who it was, I found out that this company was using a lot of stolen art for their product AND also that it was the second year… Because it wasn’t bad enough, I found others doing the same things with the same art. I didn’t have the courage to dig it further with other arts. I have taken the procedure to the people selling my arts to stop, not giving me money for what they made, just stop. Even that simple request is very hard when you have to deal with people in other countries. Unfortunately, it’s not easy at all.

So after dealing with all of that, I needed to recharge.

The general public interpret ‘breaks’ as quitting rather than simply taking a time out. If the masses are able to begin to distinguish the difference between taking time for yourself and giving up completely, then the perspective of hiatuses could potentially change.

The question it ultimately comes down to is ‘what am I going to do now?’

I wish to continue being an artist that shares her work. I will be more active as I promise, though I don’t want to feel forced to do so and want to continue to have fun to do it.

Thank you all for your support!

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