Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 10

Week 10 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge! I can now confirm that when I’m missing my routine and habits, it’s hard to make the challenge. I had to concentrate more and get extra motivation to get it going. It was more for the anatomy part since I was surrounded by strangers and had to hide to be able to draw them without worrying them! Some people don’t like when you draw them and since I just draw part of their limb, I was being discreet to know bother my models. For the ink challenge it was a relief this week. I was beginning to lose myself and doodling almost the same thing over and over ( more like the same texture and technique ). Since I decided to make art of original character from other artists, I have things to archive to do a good fan art. It was really inspiring! I’ll continue this exercise next week for sure, it’s also giving me confidence to be able to draw commission on the spot for conventions. 

Here is the list for the artists that inspired me this week :

Hera Ⓒ Arsenia                              Ruri Ⓒ Kogane Chan                   Freia Ⓒ Manreeree

Eden Ⓒ Lorigami                           Cassandre Ⓒ Lowenael

Ava Ⓒ Black Stain                          Kamelia  Ⓒ Elementis



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