Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 11

Week 11 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge! 

Feeling more confident with anatomy, I’m really glad that I’ve chosen to do this challenge. I’m better at seeing my own mistake in my illustration! Second week of doing fanart of original character from other artists, so much awesome character to discover!

Here is the list for the artists that inspired me this week :

Goddess Ⓒ Ashline                           Nima Ⓒ Ross Draws                  Dae Ho Kim Ⓒ Nixxus Nibelheim

William Ⓒ Nine                                  Ponto Ⓒ Tania Mignacca

Kagagi Ⓒ Jay Odjick                         Kei  Ⓒ Mayu Xa


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