Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 12

Week 12 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge! 

All done in a rush between convention work / a lot of appointment/ and at the convention! I’ve realized that I’ve killed 3 ink pen since the beginning of this challenge and more to come because I want to use more black! I’ll have to find maybe a felt pen that will not smudge at the back of the page. I think my sketch book a bit too cheap, if I make a new challenge or if you want to try too, take a sketch book with a good paper thickness!

Here is the list for the artists that inspired me this week :

Mitzi May Ⓒ Lackadaisy          Brunilla Ⓒ Alice Picard            Original Character Ⓒ Requin Cobalt

Ignis Ⓒ Bleuts                       Himself Ⓒ Dunklayth                Lux Ⓒ Katana Graphix

Fuyu Ⓒ Tetsuki Art

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