Ink & Sketch = 100 Days challenges = Week 13

Week 13 of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge! 

Only one week to go! I’m almost nostalgic that this challenge will be over. I say almost because I got reminded that I have to take a little break since Inktober will be here soon!! Any special request for the few drawings that I have to do ?

Here is the list for the artists that inspired me this week :

Fire Girl Ⓒ Makohouse          Rienasha Ⓒ Raruurien          Original Character Ⓒ Chiara Bautista

Elowe Ⓒ Gary Vanaka           Leigh Ⓒ Djamila Knopf          Nakiame Ⓒ Kakera

No girl Ⓒ Loish

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