Émilie DORE & Josée LACHANCE 
"Allégorie d’une évolution" (Allegory of an evolution)
Acrylic paint and oil felt pen  
271,9 x 502,5 cm 

The reading of this iconographic work underlines the importance of an indulgent education on the establishment of our foundations, as much as on the construction of the Self, here represented by the winged house breaking out in a universe without finality. The fine fox of large format, impression of sweetness, brings the essential stability to the being while is construction. By using her healthy and benevolent femininity, she supports the development in the tumultuous and turquoise waters of learning. Halved of a chrysanthemum, symbolizing the blossoming, this fine vixen embodies a wise and reassuring entity like the educational establishment in which we evolve. Thanks to this support, the being in transformation sees himself growing wings, ready to continue in this universe of possibilities. Thus, this allegory emphasizes the importance of a beneficent education in the future of a free being.

It was during the first edition of Art-tonik, a cultural and entrepreneurial event of the Fondation du Cégep de Drummondville, that the mural “Allégorie d’une évolution” was unveiled. Accompanied by my colleague Josée Lachance, we created the first mural in Cégep of Drummondville this summer, inspired by the #museeromeos.

Press Release

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