Émilie DORE
"La délicate" (delicate one)(details) 
pen, ink, felt alcohol pen, 
67 cm x 114 cm

A meticulous work, a personal representation of lace work.

Lace is a fabric that, in the beginning, was meticulously hand and needle treated. This is why the lace relates to the delicacy in the words and in the gestures. In a theme of femininity and delicacy exploited by chrysanthemum pattern repetition on different scales. The curved geometric shapes create a stable movement and a circularity. This fluid movement becomes repetitive by the curved patterns. The curves here represent a sensuality by the recall to the fabric and the flexibility of the lines that recall the nets.

A spatial organization by enumeration and asymmetry gives the illusion of this lace texture. The black color, here elegant, sensual and mysterious is in contrast with the simplicity of white to enhance its style and highlight the textures. The variation of the density of the lines of the pattern in the space makes it possible to give a lightness in spite of the very filled surface. The addition of silk laces brings to the illusion of the corset. The latter, without tension, bring back the lightness of the fabric without the feeling of embrace.