Émilie DORE
Souper d'un mercredi 
Art installation
Grocery flyers, cardboard, various utensil
48 cm x 37 cm x 77 cm 

Reflection on the theme of food consumption dictated by the industry.

The inviting atmosphere of the set table, the chair, the tablecloth, an invitation to sit down. The comfort of everyday life, the habit, the organization. The representation of the good old values ​​by the dishes, used, kitsch.

This beautiful staging comes to serve as a veil on the very nature of the food that composes it. By cons when we get close and we ask the question of what is done? A questioning that I want to relate to the food that seems accessible and abundant, as in the circular markets that compose it.

This is the reflection that I wanted to bring to the viewer, food made in food image as a choice made among choices. The markets that offer us the specials giving us with the mention of saved and saving while leading us clothing to consume surpluses come from elsewhere.

An abundance accessible yes but at what price? And speaking of price, do we really have the means? An abundance that can be ignored by some but is aggressive and a weekly reminder hung directly on the door.

An origami of marketing that makes the appearance pleasantly enticing.

Press Release

2019                      « Des œuvres originales en exposition au cégep », auteur inconnu, Journal L’Express, 12 février 2019

2019                      « L’Espace-galerie présente sa nouvelle exposition : La nature des choses », Isabelle Côté, Actualité du Cégep de Drummondville,

11 février 2019