As many artists, I used to do the inktober challenge but this year is a complete mess for so many reasons that I decided not to. BUT!!! thanks to @lunavalentineart on Instagram, I’ve discovered the #slowtober. What a refreshing and appealing idea! So here I am, working on this in a way I never did before.

I always have the feeling that I have to make a finished illustration to feel complete. I think it’s a side effect of my graphic design job. Since there is less sketching in my graphic design, that may be why. I want sketch to feel like a mood board / brainstorming in design. In this project, I take the time to search, sketch and try things for the same goal!

Working on the same illustration and having a fresh look to it each night is a real blessing. Discover my progress in the upcoming days! Thanks to the awesome artists who created this idea:

@chaigrey.art @ellenwilbergart @imafloof @maiberryart @soniupeng @ghtbns @etherael_ @little.lis.art @lunavalentineart @taralingard @elysiaart

Slowtober : The Research Phase

The first week of this “Slowtober” was research! I knew that I wanted to make a couple, love is a topic that I just can’t get enough. I wondered why I almost never drew that though since the rare occasion I had to, it was a delight!

I’ve taken a concept of two characters that I developed in March and refined them. Before introducing them to you, here is my research for the pose and the atmosphere I wanted my illustration to reflect this month.

Slowtober : The coloration Phase

I need your help! I’ve done the interesting #6lightschallenge with one of the characters of the illustration. It was so inspiring and educative; I highly recommend that you try it too. Now, I can’t decide which one I prefer to do the complete illustration!

Let me know which one you would like to see for the complete piece!

Slowtober : The lineart Phase

I’ll repeat it here if you didn’t see the stories on Instagram and Facebook about it, the result of the vote for the coloration was a tie between C and F! So I’ll mix them both together for the final result.

You will see more about this couple; I’ve worked on their character design since last March. A reason why it’s taking me so much time getting their face right! It was always easy for me to do a portrait from the front view. Because it is about balancing the symmetry but moving the character another angle and having it look right… damn it is hard!

Here are some of my cleaned sketches of my different attempt for her! The slightest detail can totally chance the facial feature of the character. What a struggle!

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