Ink & Sketch =100 Days challenges= Last Week

Last week of #The100DayProject ink and sketch challenge! 

I’m proud to say : CHALLENGE COMPLETED!

What a journey it was, not an easy one, even harder than I expected. As tired as I have for this week ( tired from back to school and health problems ), I thought that it would be a relief to have a drawing break. BUT! I found the urge to draw a little something not even two days after the end of the challenge. It confirms me that this project did give me the drive to continue drawing on a daily basis. Also, looking at my overall sketchbook, I gained confidence in my lines, proportions and speed!!! Really proud of me and I hope I could inspire people to do the same ( maybe just one challenge at the time though, two were hell of a ride! ) Thank you all for your support and thanks for every artist who inspired me with their awesome characters!


Here is the list for the artists that inspired me this week :

Ray Ⓒ Wanini                    Original Character Ⓒ Fny Art               Cat Ⓒ Lovesoup

Lou Ⓒ Nanomortis             Scyllia Ⓒ Amber Harris Art                  Bambi Ⓒ Rakjah Illustration

Kiku Ⓒ Milee Design          New Original Character Ⓒ Toth-M

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