Thank you very much for contacting me regarding your project. I look forward to working for you. Some of you may find my prices a bit high but It reflects the cost of skill, labour and time. After a few hours of research, I have found these prices to be fair and competitive with peers of my skill level. All payments go towards paying bills and living as a professional illustrator. I offer my customer a genuine product that fits their requirements. My clients are not buying mass-produced art but original fully rendered art by request.

Please send me the filled out the contact form below with as much information as you can. So I can easily establish what it is you are looking for, and the price for the request. I’ll ask you for reference pictures. At least 4-5 references, unless completely original character. If original character find images of characters you like and send those instead. Anything helps.



Conditions & Rules:


  • For multi-character project or adding a familiar: ask me for pricing. Expect higher prices than single character illustration.
  • I can create simple or complex background and landscapes, prices may vary due to the task. Ask me to give you a personalized quote if you would like one.

All dollar amounts are in CAD ( Canadian currency).

  • Prices may vary due to the complexity of the assignment. I reserve the right to adapt my prices. Some projects may take longer than estimated. You will be given the complete pricing and time estimate before I accept a payment.


Payments must be paid in full via Paypal invoice before I begin working on your project.

  • Paypal will protect us both for the transaction process.

DO NOT send me a payment before I agree to work for you.

  • Each commission is unique, thus an agreement on price and content must be made before payment is sent. Also I will send you a customized invoice with all the details of the project I have to execute for you. I will give you the chance to verify the exactitude of the pricing we discussed as what you are paying for.


  • I complete work in order of first come first served. Once I complete the project before yours, I will email you letting you know.
  • If you’d like your commission to be kept private while the creation and not painted on stream, let me know.
  • At the beginning of the project, you will receive a basic sketch by character to give you an overview and allow you to be able to request changes. Once the project is inked and coloured, I'll send the preview for review.
  • In the end, I will send you the finished piece to review, and minor changes can be asked ( little details, change of colour ). Major changes can be made but a to be determined fee will apply. You will receive high-resolution file once everything is approved.

Do and Do not!

  • I do illustrate : fanart, original art, tasteful nudity, bundle price, collaboration with other artists, request, lineart colouration ( If you own the right of the lineart), book cover, icons.
  • I don’t illustrate: hentai, porn, explicit sexual situations, plagiarism, robots / mecha, ultra-realism.


I reserve rights to all of my illustrations.

  • You have the basic rights (for personal use) and as discussed, for representational use only of your project. For commercial, reproduction or buying the copyrights, another pricing range must be discussed.
  • You may purchase the full rights for an additional fee, therefore preventing me from printing them on merchandise. However, I usually do not print Original Characters, this is here for just in case I do and I tell you if I intend to.
  • You are required to have written authorization from the artist and to pay the fees associated with the legitimate monetization of the work or project in NFT (non-fungible token).
By emailing me requesting work, you are agreeing to all of the rules and the base prices above.

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