“Miel Lunaire” – Linocut

To head start the year 2021, I offered a limited series of prints entitled “Miel Lunaire”. An art piece created using a classic engraving principle made on linoleum. Linocut is an engraving technique with the raised (uncarved) areas to be … Read More

Happy Holidays

Even if Kiku ( in her fox form ) only thinks about gifts, I know the holidays are more than that! Again, life was marvellous for me this year! I hope that 2019 has been just as memorable for you … Read More

“Le passage de la relève” in Drummondville

“Raising the public’s awareness of the beauty of art through its enhancement” is the mission that the City of Drummondville has set itself by renovating three downtown pedestrian crossings. She took the opportunity to give them a second vocation: a … Read More

Back from a really needed break.

Our minds work in very interesting ways. Athletes are given time to heal when they are injured physically, so artist needs time to put their minds at ease when they find themselves losing grasp of their creative control. I was … Read More

Upcoming event: Art Tonik

A lot of emotion today and extraordinary encounters! This morning, during a press conference, the Fondation du Cégep de Drummondville announced officially its brand new fundraising event that will put the urban art in the spotlight: Art Tonik. The artist Santerre was present as … Read More

Society6 shop!

🌵I got an invitation to try my illustration on product from Society6 !!! It look awesome!🌵 More here : https://society6.com/mileedesign I’ll add the product on this website soon as well!    

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