“Le passage de la relève” in Drummondville

“Raising the public’s awareness of the beauty of art through its enhancement” is the mission that the City of Drummondville has set itself by renovating three downtown pedestrian crossings. She took the opportunity to give them a second vocation: a place of exhibition. “The theme of “Le passage de la relève” is” The future and youth “. Art in the City contributes as much to the exposure of new talent as to the discovery of culture, “says Thomas Roux, Media Relations Advisor for the City. These days, until next June, there are 12 works created by two graduates of the Visual Arts Cégep de Drummondville, Émilie Dore and Andréa Champagne, who adorn the large wooded walls of “Le passage de la relève”, located at the corner of Cockburn and Heriot Streets.

Émilie Dore presents six artworks; digital drawings made with the concern of keeping a realistic style. “They are all different from each other. They demonstrate how multidisciplinary I am, “she says. For this exhibition, she chose her favorite works from her school corpus, created as part of her studies in arts. The young mother worked as a graphic designer, a job she learned on a self-taught basis when she decided to study visual arts. “When my kids went to school, I decided to go back to school too,” says the woman who recently graduated from college (DEC). If she wanted to go back to school, it was to “rediscover her artistic side”. “I wanted to reconnect with the traditional side of art and push my discovery of the” fine arts “. For example, I learned to paint and I really enjoy exploring this, “says Émilie Dore. Often, his works portray reality and you have to take the time to look at them with attention to detail to see a double meaning.

“I think I like to represent something that quickly reaches people, for those who go into a gust of wind. But if they linger, they see something unique. For example, my painting with a hawk dressed as a suit is actually Horus – an Egyptian deity, “says the artist.

On the other side stands an exhibition in a completely different style. The two students smile as they notice how much their artistic styles are opposing each other. While Emilie Dore appreciates realism, André Champagne describes her illustrations as “drawings straight out of a dream”.

  • excerpt from « De l’art au cœur du centre-ville », Pictures : Ghyslain Bergeron
Until December 31, 2019
Artist: Émilie Dore and Andréa Champagne (https://www.instagram.com/andrea.musubi/)
Various Mediums
Where: Alley between 168 and 180 Heriot Street, Drummondville, Québec.

Press Release

2019                      « De l’art au cœur du centre-ville », Erika Aubin, Journal L’Express, 13 septembre 2019

Passage de la relève | Exposition

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