Tips for digital media – Jewelry and ribbon brush

Did you know that I have an awful 3D perception?

I think it’s one of my biggest flaws as an artist. It’s a real problem for me to imagine the perspective in my head. To overcome this, I have a few brushes on Photoshop to help me. I’ve customized brushes to react to the pressure of the pen in opacity or sizes. So when I push my pen harder on my tablet, the form of the brush will become darker or bigger depending of my settings.

One help me with jewelry, as seen in this example. With the variation of the size, I easily recreate the depth perspective. Bigger on front, smaller on back. After that, I draw over the form to give if a more consistent look with my drawing. That way it doesn’t look like a simple brush over a drawing.

Another that I use a lot is my “Ribbon” Brush. Based on the brush made by the awesome Jonas DeRo, I’ve changed a few settings to fit my needs more. Like a real ribbon effect and also the adaptation for the opacity with the pressure of my pen. That way, it helps me figure out what is behind and what is on front. In this example, help me figure out a dynamic dragon tail.

Hope it will help you too and don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions!

PS the incredible Jonas Dero have an awesome pack of free brush available here :

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